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ATHENA 2D Training

Wall & Floor Plan Program

Window & Door Program

Sheet Metal and Panel Sections

Standard Parts, Screwed Joints and Holes Tools

ATHENA Materials Dialogue

Infills- Glass List

Auxillary Lines and Draw Tools

Adding Materials


Insulation Tool

Membrane Tool

Panel Tool

Sheet Processing

Sheet Section

Edit Material Colors

Drawing Elevations

Elevation Infills

Glass List in Elevations

ATHENA 3D Training

Parts Libraries

Parts Input

Parts Management

Parts Input Storefront

Part Libraries

Assemblies Manager

3D Workflow Part 1

3D Workflow Part 2

Parts Input

Parts Assembly

Glazing Insets


Shear Blocks Pt1

Shear Blocks Pt2



Part Libraries

XtremeCut Optimizer

Athena/XtremeCut Tutorial