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ATHENA DesignPro

The most complete set of Shop Drawing and Facade Production tool in the industry

ATHENA DesignPro has the most complete and up to date set of tools for producing shop drawings in the industry. From Floor Plans to Details and Layout, ATHENA DesignPro can help you complete your shop drawings in a fraction of the time.

Never Draw another Elevation by Hand again

Design Curtain wall and Storefront Elevations quickly and easily with the NEW ATHENA Elevation Program, Not only does it draw your elevation for you, it will also configure the elevation based on set Bays.
Top Features :

  • Add Knewalls
  • Stepped Frames
  • Arch top Frames
  • Raked Top Frames
  • Combine Bays
  • Add Doors and Entranceways to your Elevations
  • Add Windows to your Elevation
  • Add Dimensions

Setup: FREE

Monthly Fee: $100.00 USD Per User

Add now: Order during initial signup, or visit the Control Panel to add licenses and set up service

ATHENA DesignPro
ATHENA DesignPro

Storefront Elevations

With ATHENA you never do math again when designing an Elevation.

  • Lock Bay Widths
  • Lock a Vertical or Horizontal Mullion in a position
  • Add Mullions where and when you need them

3D Design Program

The ability to design any type of facade is now possible and is used for the free planning of complicated geometries, such as, Curtain walls, Sloping Polygon Facades, Pyramids, Glazed roofs and Individual Units for Unitized Construction.

  • Parts Libraries
  • 3D Display
  • Output Data
ATHENA DesignPro