ATHENA Ultimate

The complete ATHENA Program with all available features, Ultimate contains all the Individual programs.

ATHENA Design Pro

For creating Shop Drawings and Revisions. This Program has it all, our most comprehensive package.

ATHENA Sheet Metal & Panel

Sheet editing program for sheet metal design and development with the ability to produce flat panel layouts and export to CNC Work centers.

ATHENA Engineering

Powerful computational tools for structural analysis and building physics. Compute Wind Load, Dead Load and 17 other loading cases.

ATHENA 3D Modeling

Create 3D Models of complex shapes and types with this program, easily layout Segmented, Spline, Sloped Glazing, Skylights and any other type of complex Facades.

ATHENA Training

For adding Manufacturers parts to your Elevations to receive a parts list, Cut list, Glass List and Fabrication Bar Drawings.

ATHENA - Introduction

ATHENA - the AutoCAD application for curtain wall design and facade engineering

ATHENA is the leading AutoCAD based design software for curtain wall design and facade engineering on the market - and not without reason. Our software has been subject to consistent on-going development since 1989 and is used in metal construction companies, design offices and universities - in 12 languages and in more than 40 countries.

Matched exactly to our users' requirements, ATHENA is a complete software package, offering practically everything to simplify the daily design tasks which confront the designer:

1. A 2D drawing environment with practical routines and libraries for producing elevations, cross-sections and workshop drawings.

2. A versatile 3D design section with the possibility of generating parts lists and production drawings automatically from a 3D design.

3. Powerful computational tools for structural analysis and building physics.

4. A sheet editing program for sheet design and development.

5. In addition, ATHENA is independent of profile systems and can be matched to individual needs.

6. Ideal for international design: ATHENA labels all the customer objects fully automatically and is able to translate a drawing into each of the twelve languages currently contained in ATHENA on the press of a key.


Auxillary Lines and Draw Tools

Adding Materials

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