New version: ATHENA 2013

More productive than ever in a new round: The upgrade to ATHENA 2013 offers many frequently desired new functions for the professional user. A particular noteworthy feature is the new same-part recognition even for the most complicated 3D profiles and the resulting compact output of production documentation. Another highlight is the new module for the 3D design of stairways.

ATHENA 2013 contains a host of new features, e.g. the stair module with which (steel) stairways can be designed, including diagrams. This function is ideal for facade builders and metalworkers who also build (steel) stairs. The database of standard parts has been extended with new parts; standards can now also be blocked. Furthermore, the sheet development programs integrated into ATHENA have been optimized, fold tables and fold definition have been changed; this enormously simplifies the sheet description. The ATHENA evaluations, e.g. parts lists with ATHENA 3D, have also been revised. A new feature here is tagging. Even complex, processed 3D bars are recognized as "same" or "not same". The same parts are labeled with the same tag and output with the quantity in parts lists. The basis of this is a job management system in which jobs and job parts are created. They are allocated components which can then also be evaluated according to job or job part. The job structure is compatible with the ATHENA - LogiKal?® interface, i.e. imported LogiKal elements are therefore integrated into the ATHENA job management system.

The "Facade elevation" module has also been expanded; a facade elevation can now be assigned with ATHENA's own profiles or LogiKal® profiles.

Further new features: ATHENA objects (sheets, profiles, glazing, etc.) can now not only be imported from libraries, but also from other DWGs, ATHENA layers and materials can be imported from old ATHENA versions (easier upgrades), new command for projecting outlines onto an area in space, leader arrows can be retrospectively added, 3D assembly plan has been revised and it now also includes configurable supplementary information (job, job part), etc.

ATHENA 2013 can be run under AutoCAD (Architecture) 2008 - 2013.

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